Next Idaho Club Meeting, Wednesday – September 2nd

 Try your luck with our 50-50 drawing!

Don’t miss a meeting because you could miss out on our new 1/4 split drawing (see below who missed out)!  Drawing is for all paid members and you must be present to win!  This is a progressive drawing, so if winning name isn’t present the money goes into the next meeting 1/4 draw.

Raffle: JoAnn Porter won $70.00, Johnnie Harris could have won $35.00 but he did not attend the meeting. Daryl & Carolyn Hood won $100 gift certificate from Sedona Tire and Wheel. Don Porter won a hat, John Knowles won a hat, Ken Riggs won a hat as well as Mark Garvey won a hat. Congratulations everyone.

Idaho Pizza Company at 405 E Fairview Ave, Meridian, Idaho.

Social hour at 6 PM, Meeting at 7 PM.




Level 1
Beginner: Gravel or dirt surfaces that are relatively flat and wide. Generally wide
enough for an ATV to pass a full-sized vehicle. May be dusty but are relatively smooth with no
rocks or roots protruding more than three inches above the surface. Ride distance will be short,
speeds very slow.
Level 2
Advanced Beginner: Mild ups and downs, some narrow, mild rock, mostly roads
and jeep trails, minor off camber. Two-wheel drive ok.
Level 3
Intermediate: Loose gravel, sandy, rocky or rutty surface. May have short
sections that are narrow. Can have blind turns, switchbacks, steep or roller coaster grades,
some off-camber side hills, minor drop-offs, ruts and frequent changes in riding surfaces.
Occasional obstacles may strike the frame. Four-wheel drive may be needed depending on
conditions. Pace of ride will be a little faster, distances and length of ride will be longer.
Level 4
Advanced Intermediate: Rocky surfaces, sharp turns, switchbacks, steep
grades, narrow passages, low overhangs, ledges and large rocks. Can be slippery and muddy
when wet. May have tree stumps, limbs or other debris. Machines with low ground clearance
may strike or high center on obstacles. Four-wheel drive highly recommended.
Level 5
Expert: Very rocky, steep, off camber, high water crossings, large ruts. Large
obstacles in trails, narrow with big drop offs. Four-wheel drive required, may need winch.

P.O. BOX 0767
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