Idaho UTV Club Meeting

MARCH 1ST 2017

Come Join us for our next Idaho UTV Meeting

Socializing Hour 6:00PM – 7:00PM                                                                                                               Club Meeting      7:00PM – 8:00 ??

We meet once a month on the  1st Wednesday of the month at Idaho Pizza Company        405 E Fairview Ave, Meridian, ID 83642

March meeting should prove to be a good one for information about the upcoming off road riding season.  It’s very important if you haven’t gotten your 2017 dues in, please do so at the meeting.  You can also find interesting reading on the club forum Idaho UTV Forum Direct Link

Don’t forget while at the meeting be respectful of the person leading the meeting, also silence any and all mobile devices.

Idaho UTV Club is proud to participate in the Idaho Highway litter program. As a participating group we twice a year clean a section of the Hwy 55 just north of Cascade.  Please join us for this very important public service activity.

Don’t forget

“You Meet The Nicest People Off Roading”


Have you considered joining Life Flight?

Life Flight has a special membership available to all UTV Club members, if you haven’t joined yet here is a link for you to do so.


Careful out there and remember “You meet the nicest people off road”

Communications Via Radio

Although radios are not required to ride with the Idaho UTV Club they do make the ride more enjoyable. Some of the advantages are, knowing help is just a call away, helps remove confusion on whether you are to take a trail turn or not because the person in front may have not waited to show you the way, how about pointing out to other riders of a sighting or obstacle just ahead, these are just a few reasons to consider installing a communication device.  Whats available?  There are plenty to consider, ask someone you trust about their device and how happy they are with it.  Some of the radios out there I’m aware of are, PCI, Icom, Rugged, Baofeng, and Kenwood.  All of them are great radios, some starting as little as $35.00 for a hand held unit from Ebay.


Kenwood owners that have the original stations programming should know that I have added additional stations and have change how to see and use them.  We had APX 18 stations and I have expanded that to 54 stations.  PCI, Icom, and Rugged use the same frequencies with a race team assigned to them.  The channels on all these radios lineup to read like #3 = Baja Pits or channel #12 = Resue.  Well after reprogramming the Kenwood your radio will also line up so as to solve some of the confusion as to what frequency everyone is on.  Ride leader says “tune to channel 9 (Checkers)” you spin the dial to channel 9 and you’re set to go.

Kenwood 271a frequencies                                                                                                                            Click on link and print the 1st page for reference.


I will be glad to reprogram your radio, just contact me by email and set up a time.  It is easiest for me to program the radio installed, programming is done thru the microphone plug on the radio.


Are you a ham radio operator?  I can also add to your radio a list of Idaho repeaters to use.

Things You Should Know Before You Go Riding

Since you may not have ridden your ATV/UTV with a group before, here are a few basic guidelines that we ask that you keep in mind.
1.  The time given in the ride directions is the time the club will leave from camp. Please plan to arrive early enough before that time to unload and prepare.
2. Please do not pass other riders on the trails. It throws rocks and dust on them. If you wish to ride in a different position within the group, please do so by changing as the group starts up again after a stop.
3. Always carry the items you may need to repair your ATV/UTV.
4. Service your ATV/UTV at home before every ride. Please do not start out on a ride with a known or suspected problem. A breakdown can keep the whole group from enjoying the day’s ride.
5. You are responsible for the rider behind you. Wait at every intersection until you are POSITIVE that the rider behind knows which way to go. When you see the rider in front of you waiting at a turn, wave to let them know you understand.
6. Again, you are responsible for the rider behind you. Check frequently that they are still coming. Stop if you don’t see them. If they don’t appear after a couple of minutes, turn around and retrace your route until you find them. They may have gotten lost, had an accident, a breakdown, or be waiting for a rider behind them.
7. Stop if you come to an intersection and aren’t sure which way the group has gone. It is better to have the rider in front of you come back for you than to guess at the way and go off on the wrong trail.
8. Stop if you feel you are not on the right trail. Wait for the rider in front of you to come back and the rider behind you to catch up. If you are on the wrong trail, the farther you go before you stop, the harder it will be to find you.
9. Please be mindful of the dust you create for the rider behind you. Don’t zigzag as you ride and try to avoid silt pockets in the road. Slow down as you pull up to the stopped group to avoid throwing dust on them.
10. When parking along the trail, all ATV/UTV’s should be parked single file on one side of the trail or road, leaving room for other vehicles to pass. Please keep your ATV/UTV on the trail when you park rather than running over onto the vegetation along the side of the trail.
11. Don’t cut the corners on the trails, or use trails that are obviously illegal.
12. Obey all closed or restricted signs.
13. Please keep up with the group. If you wish to ride the area in a more leisurely manner, plan to come again without the group. If the group is riding faster than you are comfortable going, let the trip leader know and ask to ride next behind the leader. The leader can then better monitor the pace he sets for the group.
14. Please remember that the group may not ride as fast as you would like, or ride the harder trails. The ride must be geared for the safety of the least experienced riders in the group.
15. Never do something you are not comfortable doing. Stop if the group goes over an obstacle that you feel is above your skill level. Other riders will be glad to help you, or to take your ATV/UTV through the obstacle for you.
16. Stop and turn off your engine when you approach horses with riders and wait for them to pass.
17. Leave plenty of space between you and the rider in front of you. Riding too close is dangerous for both riders if the lead rider must make a sudden stop. For better visibility, leave enough room between you and the rider in front of you so that the dust clears off the road.
18. Although this is not obvious, the slowest ride is at the front of the pack, and the fastest at the rear!  The leader sets a steady pace that is easy to follow.  As the riders slow down or stop (for example dust or interesting views) they get behind , then speed up to catch up.  This  “accordion” effect makes the end of the line the fastest ride.
19. Minors must have a parent or legal guardian along on the ride.
20. Please make sure that your children and guests understand all these items.

On a short ride, these are the items you should carry:
1. Full tank of gas
2. Plenty of water
3. Lunch
4. Tow rope
5. Tools that fit your ATV/UTV
6. Tire plugs & repair kit
7. Jacket
8. Sunscreen
9. GPS (if you have one)
10. Map of the area
On a longer ride, you should carry all the above items, plus:
1. Extra gas
2. Extra water
3. Rain Gear
4. First aid kit
5. Survival kit (water purification tablets, matches, flashlight, extra shoes (if wearing boots), emergency blanket, any critical medications, heavy jacket, signaling device (whistle, mirror)
6. Extra spark plug
7. Two way radio
8. Maps of surrounding areas
9. Tarp for making shade or shelter


Idaho UTV has lost a great person, friend, member

Kathy’s Elderberry Run – (In Mermory of Haden)


We will miss his witty fun personality!

Haden Duane “Sonny” Claiborne
1947 ~ 2016
Haden Duane “Sonny” Claiborne, age 69, of Boise, Idaho, passed from this life to the next at 7:45 in the evening on Saturday, June 11, 2016. He was surrounded with the loving presence of his wife and children, and their spouses. Born May 31, 1947 in Wendell, Idaho to Haden M. And Theresa Claiborne, the eldest of their 4 children, and only son, he quickly became known as Sonny. His early years were spent in Southern Idaho, Montana and Northern Nevada as the family traveled with their father as he developed his sand and gravel business. Sonny also spent significant time in Auburn, California with his mother’s extended family. By the time he reached his high school years, the family had settled in Boise. Haden attended Borah High School, but transitioned to Capital High School for his senior year, becoming a member of its first graduating class in 1966.
After completing high school, Haden enlisted in the United States Navy and proudly served 3 tours of duty to Vietnam during that armed conflict. Haden served aboard the aircraft carrier USS Ranger (CVA-61) as a Boatswain’s Mate, receiving several commendations. The friendships he developed with his shipmates during this time persisted throughout his life. After being discharged as a Petty Officer Third Class in 1970, Haden enrolled at Boise State College to study criminal justice. He met and married the love of his life, Kathleen Hansen, on July 24, 1971. After obtaining a bachelor’s degree Haden embarked on his lifetime career as an insurance claims adjuster and investigator, remaining in the Boise area. His first child, Sara Nicole, was born October 18, 1974. She was followed by David Patrick, born January 28, 1978. His third child, Teri Ann, was born February 26, 1982.
Haden worked hard, owning and operating his own independent business, to support his family. Haden was always great at building relationships with people. He served upon, and chaired, many business, professional and service organizations. He was active in his family life and always taught the value of hard work, determination and self-reliance. Throughout his life he loved power sports. As a young man he road dirt bikes. After his children were born, he transitioned to ATVs. In more recent years he moved over to UTVs. Haden loved being in the outdoors; hunting, fishing, prospecting, wood cutting, sightseeing, and he shared this love with his family and friends. Haden was a tireless advocate for public lands access. He served on the board of the Idaho Recreation Council, was a founder of the Idaho UTV club, a board member of the Idaho State ATV Association, and past president of the Boise ATV Trail Riders club.
Haden enjoyed meeting people and serving others so much. He struck up conversation with anyone. He spent many hours at the Boise VA Hospital and elsewhere simply talking with fellow veterans and sharing stories, and most importantly, sharing laughs. Haden will be missed by many, but his spirit and dedication will live on through many.
Haden was preceded in death by his parents, Haden M. And Theresa Claiborne of Boise; his wife’s parents, James and Lela Hansen of Boise; and by his brother-in-law, Steve Dalke of Unity, OR.
He is survived by his wife, Kathleen; his sisters, Nancy (Keith) Kolar of Payette, ID; Carla Dalke of Boise; Andy Claiborne of Blackfoot, ID; his children, Sara (Jason) Klure of Eagle, ID; David (Julie) Claiborne of Boise; and Teri (David) Meadows of Boise; and his eight loving grandchildren: Tabitha, Leila, DJ, Lance, Nathan, Jayden, Amelia and Lewis.
A viewing will be held from 6:00 pm until 8:00 pm, Wednesday, June 15, 2016 at Summers Funeral Homes, Ustick Chapel, 3629 E Ustick Rd, Meridian, Idaho. Funeral service will be held at 11:00 am, Thursday, June 16, 2016 at Summers Funeral Homes, Ustick Chapel, with burial concluding at the Idaho State Veterans Cemetery, Boise.
Those wishing to honor Haden may kindly make donations to the Boise Veterans Home.
Memories and condolences may be shared with the family on Haden’s memorial webpage at

Published in Idaho Statesman from June 14 to June 15, 2016


Level 1
Beginner: Gravel or dirt surfaces that are relatively flat and wide. Generally wide
enough for an ATV to pass a full-sized vehicle. May be dusty but are relatively smooth with no
rocks or roots protruding more than three inches above the surface. Ride distance will be short,
speeds very slow.
Level 2
Advanced Beginner: Mild ups and downs, some narrow, mild rock, mostly roads
and jeep trails, minor off camber. Two-wheel drive ok.
Level 3
Intermediate: Loose gravel, sandy, rocky or rutty surface. May have short
sections that are narrow. Can have blind turns, switchbacks, steep or roller coaster grades,
some off-camber side hills, minor drop-offs, ruts and frequent changes in riding surfaces.
Occasional obstacles may strike the frame. Four-wheel drive may be needed depending on
conditions. Pace of ride will be a little faster, distances and length of ride will be longer.
Level 4
Advanced Intermediate: Rocky surfaces, sharp turns, switchbacks, steep
grades, narrow passages, low overhangs, ledges and large rocks. Can be slippery and muddy
when wet. May have tree stumps, limbs or other debris. Machines with low ground clearance
may strike or high center on obstacles. Four-wheel drive highly recommended.
Level 5
Expert: Very rocky, steep, off camber, high water crossings, large ruts. Large
obstacles in trails, narrow with big drop offs. Four-wheel drive required, may need winch.

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