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Club Goals

To support a family friendly, safe, and fun environment where we can laugh with old friends and enjoy relationships built with many new ones. All while ejoying the Great Outdoors, socializing, and site seeing.

Club Purpose

The purpose for which the club is organized is to exclusively engage in charitable, educational and lobbying activities and engage in any other non-profit activities allowed by Idaho law. Specifically, the club shall engage in activities meant to promote and facilitate the recreational and competitive use and operation of side by side utility all-terrain vehicles, by advancing the following interests:

  • Participation: to foster, promote and encourage the active recreational use of side by side utility all-terrain vehicles in the State of Idaho and its surrounding areas.
  • Education: to encourage, promote and educate the public as to the safe and responsible use of side by side utility all terrain vehicles.
  • Land Management: to cooperate with private and public land management and/or regulatory agencies, but always reserving the right to oppose regulations or actions the club considers unfair and/or not serving the best interests of the members.
  • Lobbying: to sponsor the enactment of fair federal, state, local and private land use laws and regulations pertaining to ownership and operation of side by side utility all-terrain vehicles, and to actively oppose such laws and regulations as are determined by the club to be detrimental to the best interests of side by side utility all-terrain vehicle users.
  • Cooperation: to actively seek out and build mutually beneficial relationships with other recreational users of public land in the State of Idaho.
  • Advancement: to promote fundraising projects to assist in the development of safe and responsible use opportunities for side by side utility all-terrain vehicles in the State of Idaho, and its surrounding areas, including but not limited to trail building and maintenance, search and rescue, trail mapping and the like.

Why Belong to the Idaho UTV Club

  • Protect and ensure your right to ride on public lands.
  • Protect the environment and ride responsibly.
  • Ensure that future generations will have the opportunity to enjoy what we enjoy now.
  • Strength in numbers when dealing with the various government agencies and special interest groups.
  • You get to belong to an organization that is made up of some of the best folks you’ll ever know and with the same interest.
  • Club rides throughout Idaho.
  • Current information on issues facing the OHV community.
  • Updated club information on our club web site –
  • We need your creativity and input; what you want your club to be.

Idaho UTV
P.O. Box 190103
Boise, Idaho 83719

Normally we meet once a month on the 1st Wednesday of the month at Idaho Pizza Company, 5150 W Overland Rd, Boise, ID 83705. 

Social Hour 6PM - 7PM, Club Meeting 7PM - 8PM

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